JCR 1.5.7 performance issues

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JCR 1.5.7 performance issues

Vingoe, Neil

Apologies in advance if I am going about this the wrong way, I haven’t used mailing lists such as this before.  We have an implementation of JCR 1.5.7 with a SQL Server 2008r2 back end which has suddenly and unexpectedly started to exhibit some performance issues.   The application was built in 2009 and we no longer have anyone within our organisation able to troubleshoot.


I have spent some time on the wiki, but have been unable to reach any conclusions.  I would very much appreciate some pointers on troubleshooting performance issues.   I am aware that our VERSION_BUNDLE table contains many millions of rows, and I wonder if we are missing some housekeeping activities. Perhaps this is a contributing factor. 


Any guidance would be much appreciated



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