Merkel and/or Blockchain on JCR

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Merkel and/or Blockchain on JCR

Clay Ferguson
Anyone know of code (project, api, etc.) running on top of JCR that does
the following:

* Each Node has a SHA256 hash assigned, based on recursive content.
* Hash on a node changes when any properties on any subnodes change.
(recursively deep)
* Node hashing uses a combination of Merkle+blockchain algorithm, where the
hashcode of children is used to generate hashcode of parents.
* Algorithm for node hash updating would be "Regenerate hash of node that
changed, and then recalculate the hash of all parents up to root".
* Performance of an update would be on the order of tree depth, and not
actual node count, but hash updating could be a (eventually consistent
model) background thread just like indexing.
* Two nodes can be compared only by comparing hashes. If the hashes of two
nodes are identical then it is known that the entire trees (branches) are
identical, in terms of all content properties of all nodes.
* I guess this would be the key also to, not only data integrity, in a
distributed system, but would also allow JCR to become a "blockchain

JCR is having trouble getting market traction. Perhaps a killer app like a
great blockchain built on top of JCR Jackrabbit, would make the world wake
up and take notice that the JCR even exists. Currently I'd say 1% of Java
developers have ever even heard of JCR.

Just asking if anyone has any thoughts....suggestions, etc.

Best regards,
Clay Ferguson
​The King of All SubNodes (​